we're on a mission to make tech in the UK more inclusive

Given the higher returns that diversity is expected to bring, we believe it is better to invest now, since winners will pull further ahead and laggards will fall further behind.
— McKinsey

40% of women in the tech sector believe companies don’t spend enough time addressing diversity while 82% of men believe they do. This is a signalling problem; different demographics respond differently to the same information. People are nuanced, and our masterclasses tap into these nuances.

We empower individuals to find their dream jobs by attending our nuanced masterclass. And we enable companies to attract the best talent through masterclass partnerships.

who we are


We are childhood friends with a combined decade’s worth of work experience in the digital technology space. We believe that the key ingredients for career success are self-awareness and grit. The ability to know yourself, know what you want, and do what it takes to get you there. The nuanced method has worked for us, having successfully secured jobs and promotions at tech giants like ARM, Amazon, Groupon and HotelTonight before launching our company.

Leveraging our experience, proven research and expert group of partners and mentors, we give attendees the tools required to hustle their way to a dream job and enjoy every minute of the process. We act as trainer, coach and mentor to enable a new generation of switched on, highly motivated employees. In addition to our work at nuanced, we speak at public events on topics around gender and racial equality, and actively use our skills to enable more individuals onto a path of career fulfillment. We have spoken at Warwick Business School, Imperial Business School, King's College London, PA Consulting, Roedean School, Loughborough University, Amazon and The Cube. We also publish regularly on our blog and conduct research into our area of expertise.

Aba Osunsade
Graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc. (Hons) in Economics & Government. She has worked at the Financial Times, Amazon, HotelTonight and Groupon; where she joined pre-IPO as one of the first Partner Managers. She leads Culture at nuanced.

Natalie Nzeyimana
Graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA. (Hons) in Politics & Philosophy. She worked in IT and Business Analysis at ARM, before leaving to found nuanced in 2015. She leads Strategy at nuanced.


our masterclass

Our masterclasses empower people to maximise their potential in the job market. We are building a diverse community that already includes:

  • 76% women

  • 65% people of colour

  • Graduates from top universities including Harvard, LSE,  Imperial, King’s, Manchester, Bath, Bristol, SOAS

Who Should Attend:
Anyone looking to get a better understanding of how to sell themselves more authentically to employers and land jobs that align with their aspirations. Our masterclasses focus on the tech sector and so are best suited to those aspiring to be / already working in: technology, digital media, digital marketing plus entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Our Method:
Our work is founded on proven research and techniques focused on eliminating unconscious bias, building confidence, and reading and sending signals effectively.

Our Results:
Following our masterclass, attendees leave with the confidence to create a standout CV and pitch their personal brand to employers. They have a renewed focus on their career objectives and have the tools required to turn their dreams into reality. 


As a masterclass partner, you will benefit from:

  • Insights into how your company is signalling to underrepresented groups

  • Access to a diverse talent pipeline

  • A broader pool to recruit from

  • Connections with highly skilled candidates

Partnership Rates:
Innovation partnership packages start from £350 per module up to £1,250 for the full day with benefits including your company logo on all promotional pages, social media and our community newsletter.

Diversity & inclusion partnership packages start from £500 per module up to £1,750 for the full day with benefits including your company logo on all promotional pages, social media and our community newsletter.

To find out more partnership packages, click apply for masterclass partnership.

OUR Previous partners

nuanced mentors

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Maria Campbell, People, Mondo

James Allgrove, Growth, Stripe

James Williams, Engineering, Huawei

Sandra Greiss, Data Science, ASOS

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