nuanced dinner: an intimate, inclusive gathering of people working within the tech and creative industries.

We foster meaningful connections by inviting people from diverse backgrounds to meet for great food and open discussion.

We promote our events through a broad range of channels, particularly focussing on demographics who are underrepresented in tech.

Attendees hear about our dinners through networks ranging from Ada’s List and Women Who Code to Codebar, YBLT and Trans*code. Twitter and word of mouth have also drawn in attendees as the dinner series has grown.

We curate table plans to ensure overlap of interests and aim to work with sponsors and partners who plan to integrate long-term inclusive practices into the way they work.





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I learnt a lot and I got to meet a lot of interesting people. The conversations I had during the night were very illuminating and the people you invited for the panel gave great answers to some questions I’d had on my mind at the time especially as I’m working on app with my business partner.
— Attendee
The dinner was well organised, the atmosphere was friendly, food was great and I am looking forward for another one.
— Attendee


You created a great vibe and I met so many interesting people. Very thoughtful curation and a fun venue. We had a number of people ask about us afterwards, so an engaging experience from a sponsor-perspective.
— Sponsor
I had a fantastic evening - it was a different crowd from most tech meet-ups. The people I sat with had really relevant skill sets for the roles we’re currently hiring for, thank you!
— Sponsor